Manners Maketh Man

Manners Maketh Man – William Horman, Headmaster of Eton School (circa 1440 and 1535)


The origin of the proverb ‘manners maketh man’ is believed to have derived from the centuries old works of William Horman.  Translated simply, the proverb states that politeness, good manners and civility are essential to humanity.


At Lochinver House, we take great pride in our holistic approach to education, which develops every single boy’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potential.  We seek to encourage both personal and collective responsibility in our boys and actively instil in them the importance of politeness, good manners and civility.  We believe that these characteristics are the finishing touches to their personality and behaviour.


Lochinver teaches that manners cost absolutely nothing, mean everything and make the world a better place.  Our Manners Maketh Man (MMM) award can be achieved by every single boy and we congratulate those who have already achieved this coveted award, which is also at the very heart of our core values: respect, kindness and honesty.


We look forward to presenting many more MMM awards to our amazing boys!

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