Opening September 2024, Little Lochies, a Pre-School Nursery provision for 3 and 4 year olds.  Click here to register.                        We are very excited to announce that we will be welcoming girls into Little Lochies, Reception, and Years 1 and 2 from September 2025.


We are delighted to announce that Lochinver House will be welcoming girls in the future.

From September 2025, girls will be able to join us in Nursery to Year 2, with the School becoming fully coeducational by 2031.

This will give parents the opportunity, over time, to educate all their children in the same setting and strengthen the diverse family community we so value at Lochinver House.

As a coeducational school, we will continue to provide a rich, broad, balanced, and challenging offer where both boys and girls are nurtured for their individual strengths, diversity is celebrated, and pupils are prepared for the modern world.

We are looking forward to this new chapter, to expanding our offer to more children and families, and to continuing our longstanding tradition of preparing pupils for future success.

To find out more, or to discuss a place at Lochinver House for your son or daughter, please contact our Director of Marketing and Admissions, Anne Meir



Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming Coeducational

Why is the School becoming coeducational?

After over 75 successful years, we are looking forward to welcoming girls to Lochinver House – a decision we have taken after thorough consideration, and in response to strong demand from current and prospective parents for a coeducational preparatory school in Potters Bar. Many parents tell us they want their child to have a diverse school experience which prepares them for the modern world; and would appreciate the opportunity to educate all their children at the same school. We are pleased that by becoming coeducational, and opening our new pre-School Nursery, Little Lochies, we are providing that choice and opening Lochinver House to more children and families.


When and how will this happen?

Our move towards coeducation will be gradual and phased over several years. Girls will be able to join our Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes from September 2025 – then, moving up through the years, to become fully coeducational by 2031, with aspirationally a broadly 50:50 ratio of girls and boys.


Will you allow girls to join Year 3 and above earlier than the phased entry points?

Ensuring a smooth transition for pupils, parents and staff is our absolute priority and it is not our intention to admit older girls ahead of the planned phasing. However, we are committed to providing an educational experience that serves the needs of our families and therefore we will continue to keep this under review – but only consider if we judge the impact to be positive for our community.


Will my child’s education be affected?

We firmly believe your child’s education will be further developed. They will continue to enjoy the excellent academic teaching and learning, outstanding pastoral care, and enriching experiences for which we are known – all enhanced by the opportunity to learn alongside girls, within a diverse and nurturing community.


Preparing Pupils for the Modern World

What will the educational ethos of the School be in the future?

We are proud of our reputation for providing a rich, broad, balanced and challenging experience in which pupils are nurtured for their individual strengths. This will remain at the heart of our educational ethos – so too, our commitment to individual support; core values of honesty, kindness and respect; and an understanding that positive school experiences contribute significantly to good mental health and future wellbeing.


How will this benefit my child?

Your child will continue to enjoy the many benefits of a Lochinver education – personalised support, specialist teaching and learning, care from experienced and committed staff, and fantastic facilities – in a school environment where diversity is celebrated, and pupils are prepared for the modern world. Coeducation has been shown to foster early cooperation and engagement between boys and girls, laying the foundation for positive relationships in the future.


Will the curriculum change?

We pride ourselves in providing a broad and balanced curriculum, rooted in academic challenge, with opportunity aplenty for sport, performing arts and outdoor education. This offer will be further enhanced with a Forest School experience for all Pre-prep pupils; along with an international dimension to the curriculum from September 2024 for Little Lochies to Year 2 inclusive, and then in time for Years 3 and 4. This will be designed to help pupils develop soft skills and qualities including resilience, curiosity, creative thinking, and attention to detail, as highlighted in the 2023 World Economic Forum Jobs Report. The latter will run concurrently alongside our robust English and Mathematics programmes, and will cover Science, History, Geography, Religious Studies and Art.  Information sessions will take place in the Summer term for parents.


Will you be introducing new extra-curricular opportunities?

Our extensive clubs and activities programme is designed to enrich each child’s experience and enjoyment of school. We continually refresh it, to meet changing needs and interests, and will do so in the future with both boys and girls in mind.


Our Future School

Will the School or class sizes increase?

There will be no increase to the footfall of the School or its maximum capacity.  We believe our current size ensures pupils receive excellent attention and individual care, within a big enough pool to allow sport, music, drama and friendships, to flourish. Class sizes will not be increasing either.


Will there be fewer places for boys in future?

While our aim is to be fully coeducational in the fullness of time, with a 50:50 ratio of girls and boys, we will move towards this gradually. We do not expect any significantly detrimental change in boys’ entry in the immediate future.


Will the School remain selective?

Our admissions arrangements are designed to ascertain whether children will thrive at Lochinver House. These will continue, with the current assessment processes being applied to girls as well as boys. Miss Paynter, our Head of EYFS and Pre-prep and Director of Strategy and Development will continue to meet all prospective entrants from Little Lochies to Year 2.  Entrants to Year 3 and above will be assessed by Mrs Cortes, Head of Early Seniors and Mr Pontin, Deputy Head Academic.


Will the School continue to deliver education to 13?

Yes. With the introduction of Little Lochies, we will offer a high-quality education from 3 to 13.


What developments will take place to make the School site ready for girls?

We are excited about a range of developments planned for the School – including the refurbishment of our current Atkinson block, to provide playground access, and a new climbing wall facility – and as part of these works, will be making the necessary changes to welcome girls. Initially, this will include new toilet facilities in Pre-prep – and in time, further changes will be added in readiness for girls being in the Senior section.


How will you integrate the girls and ensure equality?

While the experience of a coeducational school environment will represent a change, many pupils will be used to learning alongside children of the opposite gender from out of school clubs and activities. Many of our staff are experienced in teaching in coeducational settings and will support the children to make this transition – which will be gradual and, in many cases, the pupils’ experience from the very beginning of their school journey.


What pastoral support will be available to boys and girls?

We place the highest priority on the welfare and happiness of our pupils: that will not change. We are fortunate to have within our school team considerable experience of coeducation – including from the Head, who recently joined from a successful coeducational school; Woodford Green Prep; the Head of EYFS and Pre-prep, who also has leadership experience in coeducational settings; and many of our teaching staff. Leaning on their experience, we will be implementing tailored and age appropriate PHSE and RSE programmes to cater for the needs of both boys and girls, and we are confident our strength in pastoral care will continue.


Will any lessons be taught separately?

Aspects of Relationships and Sex Education will be taught separately.


What about sport?

PE in the Pre-prep years will continue to be taught as a class, with focus on wide-ranging sports, participation, enjoyment, and development of skills. From Year 3 the children will begin to have the opportunity to participate in team games. Our decision to transition to coeducation with a phased approach means there will be scope to field robust mixed and single sex teams across a range of sports in future. Netball and hockey will be additions to the provision from Year 3 upwards.


Will fees increase?

We have no plans to increase fees because of this change. Governors will continue to set fees annually, aiming to prioritise quality and value for money for parents, with any changes being communicated in advance.


Will there be changes to bursaries?

We have no plans to change the current bursary arrangements.  They will be equally available to girls and boys.


Will the uniform change?

We are not planning any changes to our boys’ uniform. We are currently working through details of the girls’ uniform with our supplier and are aiming towards one which is very much in keeping with that for boys, enabling families pass on clothing between siblings. A uniform list for girls will be published in good time for the 2025-6 academic year.


Will the Extended Care provision be impacted?

No, we will continue to serve our families with an extended day offer from 7.30am to 6.00pm, for all children aged 3 to 13.


Future Schools

How will you support pupils in their transition to senior school?

We are proud of the tailored support we give each Lochinver family when they plan the transition to their next school and we will continue to use our extensive knowledge of the senior landscape to guide parents towards the right choice for their child – now boys, and in future, girls. As now, the formal process of advice will begin when pupils are in Year 4, giving plenty of time to consider future options. Mr Wadge will engage in one-on-one meetings with parents to discuss prospective schools, and we will continue to organise an annual Senior School Evening, with representatives from various single sex and coeducational senior schools invited to attend.


Which girls’ schools will you feed to?

Each family will be guided towards a range of suitable senior options, whether that is for entry at 11 or 13, and within the state or independent sectors. Likely local options include Haberdashers, St Albans High, North London Collegiate, Highgate, Queenswood, Haileybury, St Edmunds’, St Columba’s, St Margaret’s, City of London, Sherrardswood, Aldenham, Bishop’s Stortford, and Dame Alice Owen. Lochinver already has strong links with many of these schools and will seek to develop these further so that girls and their parents have a smooth transition to their onward journey.


What support will there be for pupils taking senior school assessments?

Beginning in September 2024, we will enhance our provision in Years 5 and 6 by increasing the number of English and Mathematics lessons each week. In Year 5, pupils will be in three distinct sets for these subjects, while Year 6 will feature three groups for all lessons across the curriculum. This enhanced approach aims to provide children with the benefits of smaller class sizes, demonstrating our commitment to meeting the demands of the 11+ examinations and ensuring robust preparation for Year 7.

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