Opening September 2024, Little Lochies, a Pre-School Nursery provision for 3 and 4 year olds.  Click here to register.                        We are very excited to announce that we will be welcoming girls into Little Lochies, Reception, and Years 1 and 2 from September 2025.


Fees are payable in advance before the start of each term. Fee increases usually occur on an annual basis in September.

Little Lochies Fees per term from September 2024

1 Full Day and 4 Mornings £2410
2 Full Days and 3 Mornings £2815
3 Full Days and 2 Mornings or 4 Full Days £3215
4 Full Days and 1 Morning £3615
5 Full Days £4020

Fees per term for 2024-2025:

  • Reception – £5,000
  • Years 1 and 2 – £5,775
  • Years 3 and 4 – £5,950
  • Years 5 to 8 – £6,380

Fees include:

Tuition, stationery, textbooks, teaching materials, lunches, accident insurance, educational and outdoor pursuit trips, visits to theatres and museums as part of the curriculum and the English Speaking Board Examinations.  The only extras incurred are some activities and sporting trips.

Fees Insurance (see School Fees Refund Scheme) and school photographs are optional. Musical Instrument lessons are optional and fees are payable directly to the Visiting Music Teacher providing them.

Notice of Withdrawal

Parents must give a full term’s notice in writing to the Headmaster before withdrawing their child from the School or will be required to pay a term’s fees in lieu of notice.  The Governors reserve the right to require the removal of any pupil from school, considering the recommendations of the Headmaster.

School Fees Plan

Parents may utilise the services of School Fee Plan if they wish to pay fees in monthly instalments. This is not operated by the School and details can be obtained via the link below.


The Governors recognise that school fees may restrict parents from applying for a place at Lochinver House School and are committed to widening access to the education offered at the School. Accordingly, the Governors provide funds each year from the School’s resources to assist such families, where parental means would be insufficient to meet the fees in part or in their entirety. Bursaries are awarded to pupils who will gain from a Lochinver House education and who will contribute to the life of the School.

Please visit Bursaries.





Child Care Vouchers

The School is registered with a variety of Childcare Voucher Schemes.  Payments from such schemes can be accepted for Early Morning, Tea Time or Late Stay Clubs.

The School is also able to accept voucher payments towards school fees for pupils up to and including the term in which they turn five years old, as they are still considered to be in nursery education.

School Fees Refund Scheme

Please visit these links for details of the optional Fees Refund Scheme:

Fees Refund Scheme Application Form and Details

Fees Refund Scheme Key Facts

Schools Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme

This is included within the school fees. Please visit these links for details:

Schools Group Personal Accident Policy for Pupils Key Facts 2023

Group Personal Accident for Pupils Q&A 2023

Pupil Notice

School Minibus

Please visit School Minibus.

Extended Care

Please visit Extended Care.

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