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Lochinver House


Years 3 and 4

In Years 3 and 4, pupils are taught by a class teacher for most of their lessons, but have specialist teaching for Art, Music, Drama, PE and Games, ICT, French, and Lab Science.  In Year 4, boys also have subject specialists for Mythology and Design Technology.  Boys in both year groups are placed in ability sets for Maths.

There is a full-time Teaching Assistant in Year 3, who is shared between the two classes, and two part-time Teaching Assistants in Year 4. 

Years 5 to 8

In Years 5 to 8 boys are in their form rooms for registration and PSHEE, Citizenship and Careers and move to subject specific rooms for lessons.    Boys are allocated a locker, from which they organise their equipment.  For lessons, pupils in Year 5 are organised into two forms (5E and 5R) of no more than 21 boys.  They are in ability sets for Maths.  In Year 6, pupils are in two forms for lessons, (6N and 6V) of up to 21 boys.  They are in sets for Maths and French.  When the boys move into Year 7 and 8, they are split into three smaller classes (7X, 7H and 7I, 8L, 8O and 8C).  7X and 8L have all of their lessons as a form.  7H and 7I, 8O and 8C have their lessons as forms but are in sets for French, Maths and Science. The class letters spell LOCHINVER!

‘Throughout the school, pupils show high levels of knowledge and understanding, and well-developed skills. Key factors supporting these are the broad curriculum, highly co-operative working relationships and the pupils’ exemplary attitudes towards their learning.’  ISI Inspection Report, 2013


The LHS Senior Library is a vibrant, exciting learning resource centre full of fantastic titles.

It is well stocked with fiction and non-fiction books as well as a substantial magazine section including subscriptions to titles such as BBC Wildlife, Match, Simpsons, Rugby World, Athletics Weekly and many more, plus a daily newspaper.  There is a growing graphic novels collection and a Quick Read section for the borrowers who like reading, but do not have time for 700 pages!

The Library is open all week and is staffed by a dedicated team of librarians at break and lunchtimes. 

The School Day: timings

Years 3 and 4

The school day starts at 8.25am.  Boys stay at school until 3.35pm.  However, Year 4 boys may finish school at 4.45pm on Thursday, as part of their games curriculum.  This is dependent on sporting fixtures.  In addition, both year groups may stay later at School to attend clubs, Teatime Club and Late Stay.

Years 5 to 8

Boys in Years 5 to 8 have to be in their tutor rooms once the bell rings at 8.25am.

The following occurs at the end of the school day:

  • Monday:  Years 5-8 finish formal lessons at 4.45pm (there is then an optional activity slot from 4.45 pm - 5.45pm)
  • Tuesday:  Years 5-6 finish at 3.35 pm and there is an optional activity slot from 3.45 pm - 4.45pm, Years 7 and 8 finish formal lessons at 4.45pm
  • Wednesday:  Years 5-8 finish formal lessons at lunch time and have compulsory activities until 3.35pm - (followed by optional activity slot until 4.45pm)
  • Thursday:  Years 5-8 finish at 3.35pm but there is an optional activity until 4.45pm
  • Friday: everyone finishes lessons at 3.35pm, but there are optional activities until 4.45pm

Pupil Voice

‘The pupils’ moral awareness is strong. They listen carefully to the views of others and are extremely articulate when expressing their opinions. They demonstrate an excellent sense of right and wrong and treat each other and their teachers with great respect.’  ISI Inspection Report, 2013

At Lochinver we have an active School Council and environmental group, LEO (Lochinver Environmental Organisation), which is a formal mechanism for pupils to present their views to the adults in the school.

Pupils’ perceptions are very important in many ways.  They will benefit from being a School Council member by learning skills such as negotiation, communication and improved self-confidence.  It helps pupils begin to understand the roles and responsibilities of being an adult. It contributes to an understanding of rights and responsibilities, both as a child and as an adult.

The students have their own Anti-Bullying Council (ABC) that are specially trained and supported to work with their peers and members of staff to ensure all issues are dealt with.

If pupils feel genuinely involved in the life of their school, they will learn active citizenship, their personal, social and moral development will be supported and their behaviour in and around the school will be improved. Improved self-esteem will contribute to more effective learning.

Assessments and Exams

‘The School has excellent systems in place to monitor the progress of pupils through the regular review of data from written assessments’.  ISI Inspection Report, 2013

Years 3 and 4 are assessed in a number of different ways during the year and also sit end of unit tests way which helps prepare them for the exams that lie ahead.

School exams take place in the Spring and Summer Term for Year 5, 6 and 7 and then termly for Year 8.  All of this work is preparing for the final Common Entrance exams which are held in the first week of June for Year 8 boys.