Opening September 2024, Little Lochies, a Pre-School Nursery provision for 3 and 4 year olds.  Click here to register.                        We are very excited to announce that we will be welcoming girls into Little Lochies, Reception, and Years 1 and 2 from September 2025.

Education at Lochinver House

Our aim is that every single pupil learns as much as they can, as well as they can through ambition and education of quality. Solid academic foundations allow us the confidence to be forward-looking, innovative and ambitious in our teaching. The world around us is exciting, demanding and rapidly changing and the greatest gifts we can give our pupils are a love of learning and of what is good. This will serve them through their education and in the years to come. So whether it’s English or Science, Music or Maths, Humanities or Sport, we teach the pupils to develop a good set of values, to build secure and rigorous skills and to apply themselves with enthusiasm, curiosity, and creativity.  In doing so, the pupils can aim high, do well and enjoy success!

“All pupils develop high levels of knowledge and skills in all areas of the curriculum.” – ISI Inspection Report








The aim of our Science curriculum is to stimulate curiosity, interest, independence, and enjoyment through a practical approach that sees Science within a wider body of knowledge and skills. We want to enthuse pupils and encourage them to work both independently and as part of a team. We cover our own extended syllabus organised into Physics, Chemistry, and Biology to give our pupils an understanding of all three sciences.


Through History, Geography and Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies, pupils gain an understanding and appreciation of the rich and diverse world around them. In History and Geography, pupils learn about their own place in the world and how this relates to peoples of other times, places and faiths.  Respect for others and the ability to make sense of change are encouraged as pupils discover how we connect with each other and our environment. In Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies, the pupils build knowledge, experience, and understanding of all main religions.  Pupils will explore and reflect on religious responses to the questions of life and develop an awareness of the influence that religion has not just on a personal level but on a national and global scale too.  These subjects aim to instil an understanding of the world around us and a sense of perspective, encouraging empathy with others and allowing us to grasp the significance of place, time and faith for everyone.

“In a history lesson, Year 6 pupils eloquently discussed key questions relating to the World War II invasion of Russia.”  – ISI Inspection Report





Computing combines logic and creativity in problem-solving, while also enabling competence and confidence in the use of developing technologies.  Pupils will learn how to use computers safely and responsibly, develop an awareness of E-Safety, develop their digital skills, discover how computers work and gain an understanding of algorithms and coding.

“Pupils are extremely competent in using ICT in their learning, supported by the comprehensive computing curriculum, specialist teaching and benefitting from the governors’ investment in resources.” – ISI Inspection Report


In addition to learning the essential skills of punctuation, grammar, and spelling, the pupils are encouraged to find the pleasures in literature. This enables pupils to experiment with new words and different techniques in their own writing. Through reading, the pupils also learn empathy and how to articulate their own emotions, thoughts, and feelings.  Reading and comprehension are also essential for pupils to access and understand other subjects. For example, a pupil will need to understand what a complex mathematical task or scientific challenge is asking, before demonstrating good levels of numeracy and scientific knowledge.  Indeed, reading is a gateway into other worlds and times gone by in history and culture.








Lochinver House gives every pupil the opportunity to fulfil their mathematical potential through engaging, stimulating and rigorous work.  Strong foundation skills are essential to engage the enquiring mind with problem solving and investigative skills. The pupils are challenged in all that they do which allows them to advance through the work and appreciate this subject which is essential for modern day life. Lochinver boys are often successful in national Maths Competitions, such as the UK Maths Challenge and at Challenges hosted by other schools.

“By the top year, pupils confidently draw upon and apply an array of methods and reasoning skills to solve advanced mathematical problems.” – ISI Inspection Report



Modern and Ancient Languages

Lochinver House School inspires a love of languages both ancient and modern, with a high percentage of pupils continuing with the subjects to A Level and beyond. The pupils learn French from Year 3, Latin from Year 5.  In Years 5 and 6, a language enrichment programme is introduced with pupils learning two further languages.  We actively seek to integrate languages into the everyday life of the School through Language Weeks and EAL Assemblies, led by the pupils and even some of their parents.  Latin enables the pupils to underpin disciplines in modern languages and increase linguistic competence.  In addition, knowledge of ancient civilisations gives depth and perspective to some contemporary issues. Residential trips to France, Greece or Italy take learning beyond the classroom and offer exciting opportunities for first-hand experience and adventure.







Sport plays a big part in the co-curricular programme at Lochinver House School.  The Games Department provides opportunities for all pupils to take part in and develop a love of competitive team sport at all levels.  A spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship allows pupils to channel their energy towards a common goal, encouraging pupils to be dependent, committed and loyal to their peers. The pupils train hard and give their best but are also taught the skills of coping with disappointment as well as success. There are regular fixtures against other schools for as many pupils as possible at the appropriate level to suit their skills. Our School’s record is excellent with some of our teams reaching national standards and many pupils achieving sports scholarships at their next schools. In PE, the pupils develop physical fitness and coordination. However, there is also a strong emphasis on participation and enjoyment in swimming, gymnastics, basketball, and athletics.

“Teams are highly successful in inter-school fixtures in a variety of sports, benefitting from the specialist coaching and excellent facilities available to them.  In recent years, the senior football and basketball teams were finalists in a national competition.” – ISI Inspection Report






Music and Drama

In addition to nurturing a love of The Arts, Music and Drama also teach the pupils self-belief and confidence. Through these subjects, the pupils become confident and individuals, attributes which stand them in good stead for their futures. The Music Department excels in delivering a broad music curriculum which promotes a love of music.

All pupils have 2 lessons a week, taught by specialist teachers when they are introduced to a wide variety of music which they experience through listening, performing and composing. Individual tuition is available on most orchestral instruments as well as singing, drum kit and guitar.  Pupils are prepared for ABRSM and Rockschool exams each term, which take place at the School. Pupils are invited to play in the many groups and ensembles and have the opportunity to perform regularly throughout the year.

Our Music and Drama Departments work closely together, giving the pupils the opportunity to take part in musical performances. Our musicians have opportunities for solo performance and often participate in regional events.  The Music Department has a high rate of success with Music Scholarships.

“Many pupils show outstanding levels of musicianship.” – ISI Inspection Report

The Drama Department provides enjoyable and creative opportunities for all pupils to develop confidence in self-expression.  A child’s learning in this subject is an active experience which is physically, emotionally and intellectually rewarding.  Confidence is developed through performance, with a tradition of wonderful performances from Christmas plays in Pre Prep to the Year 8 performance at the end of the pupils’ final term.

Some pupils are invited to take part in our LAMDA activities with many achieving excellent marks in their Devised Drama examinations. Dramatic flair is encouraged both at school and externally, with some pupils having opportunities to perform in local and London theatres.







Art and DT

Art & Design Technology lessons provide the pupils with the opportunity to express their imagination, be creative and learn to refine their work by developing a critical eye. The Art Department nurtures and enriches artistic and creative ability in our well-equipped Art and DT studios. In addition to developing their own practical artistic skills, pupils also learn to appreciate the artistic work of others and to discover the value of diversity.

From Year 3, all Art lessons take place in our well-equipped Art Studio, but our Pre Prep children can also enjoy the wonderful facility in their early morning ‘Splodgers’ Art activity.



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