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Lochinver House

Pastoral Care

‘The School’s stated aim is to put particular emphasis on the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and it does so exceptionally well. By the time they leave the school pupils are self-confident, excellent listeners and can discuss issues with sensitivity and maturity with their peers and adults.’ 

Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) Inspection Report, 2013

We are particularly proud of our pastoral education at Lochinver House.  We believe that happiness and growing self- confidence are the keys to a child’s success.  From such security each boy is challenged to improve in every area of School life.  In addition, we aim to ensure that every boy understands his responsibility to the wider School community.  The School puts the welfare and well-being of the boys at the heart of everything it does and this is reflected in how the School is organised.

In the Pre Prep Department, a qualified Class Teacher cares for each Class from Reception to Year 2.  The Class Teacher fosters an all-important partnership between home and school and ensures that they build a personal relationship with each boy.  There are many Classroom Assistants who help these Class Teachers and they engage with the boys to gain their trust and give them extra security and reassurance over and above that of the Teaching Staff.  Plenty of opportunities are found to discuss and examine our Core Values through Circle Time and Assemblies.

‘In the EYFS the children’s personal and emotional development is excellent and children work very well together sharing happily and taking turns.’ 

ISI Inspection Report, 2013

As the boys move into the Senior part of the School, Year 3 and 4 boys are still cared for by a Class Teacher supported by a Teaching Assistant.  There is a Head of the Early Senior Department (Years 3 and 4) responsible for the boys’ welfare and development.

In Year 5 the boys are taught entirely by subject specialists.  They are taught in two classes, but are split into 4 tutor groups with a Head of Year who oversees the boys’ pastoral well-being.

In Year 6 the tutor groups become House based with around twelve boys per group.  This means there will be a mixture of Year 6, 7 and 8 pupils in each tutor group. This system has the advantage of giving pupils the opportunity to form relationships with boys in different school years to their own, as well as helping foster good relationships between pupils.  The tutor system also encourages the older boys to take responsibility for the welfare of younger children and this, in turn, builds self-esteem.

Pupils in Years 5 to 8 meet in their tutor groups for registration, followed by either assembly or tutorials.  Tutorials cover topics such as making friends, British Citizenship, anti-bullying, study skills and drugs education.  Boys in Years 6 to 8 stay with their tutor group and tutor for the next three years.  Many opportunities are taken to reinforce our Core Values.

Class Teachers and Tutors closely monitor a boy’s academic and social progress, together with his involvement in the extra- curricular life of the school.  The staff engage in regular consultations about the boys in their care and they are also able to draw on the expert advice of the Learning Support Department, the School Matron, a registered nurse, and a Child and Family Support Worker.

‘Team work is exceptional and the commitment of staff is highly reflective of pupils’ personal development.’     

ISI Inspection Report, 2013

Lochinver House recognises that a positive atmosphere at the School is dependent on all of us respecting the needs and rights of others to be properly treated.  There are many opportunities for boys to become involved and share their views and support their peers.  All boys entering Year 3 join a House, which reinforces the feeling of identity and belonging.  In addition, they are able to support the work of the Anti-Bullying Council (ABC), become a Reading Buddy for boys in the Pre Prep Department, put forward their views in the School Council, contribute towards a more sustainable future through the Lochinver Environmental Organisation (LEO,) and from Year 6 are able to support their the younger members of their House through the House Mentoring programme.  These initiatives significantly strengthen the School community and younger boys enjoy relationships with older children, encouraging a feeling of acceptance.

‘The pastoral care is outstanding. All the staff know the boys well. They are always there to help, even when things go wrong. Everyone works together to ensure that each boy can reach their potential.  Lochinver has provided my boys with the perfect platform in which to move onto the next stage at 13. They are confident, caring young men.’ 

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