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Lochinver House

Year 7 at the Globe Theatre

Year 7 were treated to an intense and thought-provoking interpretation of The Taming of the Shrew

On a bright, sunny Friday, Year 7 caught the train to the visit The Globe Theatre to watch an Irish interpretation of Shakespeare's classic play The Taming of the Shrew.

The play opened, unusually, with an explanation from the director about a forced change of actors in the two main roles. Due to an injury to the actress who should have been playing Katerina, the role would be taken by the actress who usually played Bianca. This meant that Bianca would also be played by an understudy.

This took nothing from the moving and sometimes uncomfortable portrayal of the 'taming of the shrew' who, as Roman and Jonathan explained on the train platform on the way home, shamed the husband into realising that his actions had been abusive through the sarcastic delivery of her final monologue. This earned comment from a member of the public about the mature discussion the boys were having.

The visit was a huge success and it was fantastic to have the opportunity to go to such an iconic theatre in the Shakespeare400 year.