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Lochinver House

Curiosity Points

Being Curious in English

Curiosity Points

As part of the English department’s ongoing commitment to developing our boys as independent learners and thinkers there are ‘Curiosity Points’ in this part of school. These are areas where a question is posed that the boys are invited to respond to. The question was: ‘Would you rather be a seedless or non-seedless grapefruit?’ Their responses were both imaginative and informative and these are some of them:

  • I would rather have pips because then more fruit would grow.
  • I would rather be non-seedless then you’ll have more space.
  • I’d rather have seeds so other people can plant me again.
  • I’d rather be non-seedless because it would be easier to juice me.
  • I’d rather have seeds so I can come back alive.
  • I’d rather have seeds because I want to secure the lives of my future children.
  • Seedless= no parents which = no rules!


The next question that has been posed is: ‘What makes you think that you are having thoughts?’