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Lochinver House

Happy Puzzle Company

Reception to Year 4 enjoy a visit from the Happy Puzzle Company

Happy Puzzle Day

On Tuesday 19th, January the boys from Reception to Year 4 were challenged to work in teams to complete a variety of fiendish puzzles, from balancing penguins on a wobbly iceberg to creating cubes. The tasks required patience, resilience and cooperation and all the staff were really impressed with the way the boys supported each other with the activities. When asked about the experience Reception talked about how they liked working with their friends and Year 1 were really impressed with the shop which was buzzing after school.

‘I learned that even though puzzles seem impossible they are actually not impossible. I really liked doing the ‘hamster puzzle’ which was to make an obstacle course for a hamster so it can never get out.’ said Sebastian in 3MT

Some of the boys were also lucky enough to attend a family session after school where they shared some of the puzzles with their parents which raised £90 for the PTA.