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Lochinver House

My First Radio Interview

On Thursday morning [16th October] I thought it would be a good idea for me to ring in to the Chris Evans breakfast show on Radio 2 because they have a slot each morning where children can call in to the programme and talk about what they are doing for the first time today, and I was taking my first flute exam.

My mum dialled the number for me and I spoke to a researcher who wanted to know my name, where I was from and what I was doing for the first time that day. In the background I heard lots of other people calling in, but the researcher chose me. She called back a bit later to say that I was going to be on the show and I had to practice saying “Good morning Chris!” in a really chirpy voice, over and over again. To get ready for the show I had to put the cat, and my sister, in another room so they wouldn’t distract me on air. It was really scary talking to Chris because I realised there were thousands of people listening to me. He was really nice even if he did get my name wrong quite a few times, and the grade that I was taking!!

The next day, they called back at 6.50am (my mum wasn’t even dressed yet !!) to check if I was ready to go on air again later that morning. They called me at 7.25am and I got to listen to the music they were playing on the radio down my phone! When the song finished, Chris Evans asked me if I passed my exam and I said “yes” and he asked me what mark I would give myself out of 10 and I said googleplex (I had practiced that bit before!). I was impressed that he knew it was the largest number known. Then he asked me to play my flute down the phone so I gave the phone to my mum and I played, I got my flute and music ready beforehand because I thought he might ask me to do this! I played one line of Greensleeves and he said he could have heard more but I thought that he only wanted me to play what I played!  I was feeling very nervous because I was playing to the whole nation but afterwards I felt really proud of myself and I asked my mum when I could do it again The whole experience was epic! 

You can hear me on BBC iPlayer. I’m on at 0:58:30 minutes into the show: 

Louis, 4C