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Lochinver House

Headmaster Turns Babysitter!

A visit from Mr Walker


The role of a Headmaster is as diverse as they come and for Mr Walker, this is certainly no exception.  We were absolutely delighted when he agreed to offer his babysitting services as an auction lot at our recent 70th Anniversary Enchanted Garden Ball.  Mr Bracken did an amazing job as our Auctioneer and managed to auction Mr Walker off twice, much to everyone's ammusement!

Mr Walker has already fulfilled his duties for Zain, Year 1 and pictured above, and for James, Year 4, and his sister Mimi who, together, wrote the following:

"I heard a knock at the front door.  Dad went to open the door and there stood Mr Walker!!  My dad welcomed him in and he had a quick chat with my parents while dad made Mr Walker a gin and tonic!

When mum and dad left, the fun started.  He asked Mimi to show him our garden where I showed him our big basket swing and he saw the bees nest.  Buzz buzz!!  Mr Walker then got on my bicycle but he sat on the handlebars and rode backwards! My sister and I were impressed.  We stayed in the garden while we interviewed Mr Walker.  We asked lots of questions:

Did you have any pets as a child?
A dog called Mitzi

Who was your best friend as a child?

If you had to choose another job, what would it be?
Actor or Vicar

What does your wife do?

What is the best thing about your job?
Talking to the boys in assembly

And the worst?
Doing paperwork

What cars did you have when you were younger?
He told us about his 4 x 4 van he drove around Kenya when he went camping with the animals and some funny stories!

After this we came in side and had a drawing competition.  I was the judge and Mr Walker beat Mimi three times in a row.  The funny thing was that he couldn't see properly so had to use my nanny's emergency red glasses!

Then we stopped for a snack and we all had a slice of cake that mum had made earlier.  We also had a few blackberries which we washed using a tea strainer!

We then started to play a story game which Mr Walker made up.  We wrote a story but we had to change person every three words.  Just as it was getting interesting, my parents came back in from dinner.

Sadly, Mr Walker had to go home.  Best babysitter ever!!!"


  • 11 September

    Yesterday's first ever Pre Prep Lego Club was a massive hit! The boys listened to 'Whatever next' by Jill Murphy and then designed rockets for Baby Bear to fly to the moon, complete with a seat for his companion, Owl. Next week the boys will design and construct landmarks.