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Lochinver House

Classics Trip to Sicily, 2017

What a beautiful view

Sicily 2017

The end of term could not come fast enough for those of us at Lochinver making the journey to Italy this past Easter.  We packed our bags and headed for the sun of Sicily, Lochinver’s first trip to this beautiful part of Italy.  Although we arrived late in the evening, the Sicilians were ready to greet and to treat, providing us with a full course meal at 11 pm!

The next day was a day spent in Palermo, visiting cathedrals, institutions of democracy, markets, gelataria and corpses.  Yes, I did say corpses!  We were privileged to be able to visit the catacombs and behold the mummified remains of many citizens of Palermo from years gone by.

After Palermo, we ventured to the heart of Sicily and its extensive ancient Greek culture.  We stood on mountain top theatres and visited the ruins of ancient temples at Segesta and Selinunte.  In Agrigento we spent the morning in the Valley of the Temples to see the glories of Concord, Hera and Heracles!  The serenity of  the site left us all in awe!

After an incredible lunch at an Agriturismo – you have to experience these incredible delights of the Sicilian culinary experience – we visited a Roman villa which belonged to a very wealthy Roman of the 3rd century AD, perhaps an Emperor.  The well-preserved mosaics gave us an incredible insight into the richness of ancient Sicily and its importance in the trade route between North Africa and Rome.

Our final night was spent in a hotel on the beach facing the coast of mainland Italy.  In the morning we headed for the beach to look at Mount Etna in its supreme glory.  Once packed and ready, we headed for our final excursion to the town of Taormina, nestled on the cliff tops of the island.  The ancient Greek theatre offered us a chance to look out over the bay and Mount Etna in the distance. 

I am sure that the boys had a wonderful time and I hope that they keep such fond memories of this beautiful island for years to come!