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Lochinver House

Introducing Welly Time!

A breath of fresh air!

"The best kept classroom and the richest cupboard are roofed only by the sky."  Margaret McMillan, 1925

Welly Time is an exciting new initiative giving the boys in Pre Prep the opportunity to explore and learn in Lochinver’s outdoor environment.

The boys will be exploring three different habitats around the school grounds; the pond in the Ecology Area, Green Meadow and the woodland area next to the Astroturf.  Each term the boys will visit one of the contrasting areas and undertake a cross curricula activity providing additional learning opportunities in literacy, numeracy, Art, PSHEE and Science.  Over the course of their time in Pre-Prep, every boy will have visited all three habitats three times, each visit in a different season.

This week Reception boys visited the pond and spent time hunting for different natural treasures to use to make a 'blobster' (creature) out of clay.  Some of the comments from the boys highlight the value of this outdoor learning time: “It’s winter”, “No leaves on the trees”, “I smell mud”, “I hear birds”, “Bugs live in here”.

Year 2 spent time in the woodland area and were given the challenge of working in small groups and making a birds nest from materials they found on the ground. This was a great opportunity to link with Science and gain a greater understanding of vocabulary such as ‘flexible’ and’ insulate’. It was a tricky challenge and made us all realise how absolutely amazing birds are! The boys left the nests they created in the trees for some lucky bird to find. A comment from one boy “This was the best thing ever!” sums it up.

The rain did not spoil our enjoyment of a great start to Welly Time, in fact it was great fun splashing in all the puddles!!



  • 21 June

    Amazing start to our Investigations at @eppingforestdc . The #sunisshining and the boys are fully engaged in their first activity! #shooltrips #outdoorlearning