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Lochinver House

What a Difference a Year Makes!

Reception Perform 'The Selfish Crocodile'


As we draw towards the close of another academic year, our Reception boys delighted their parents this morning with a performance of The Selfish Crocodile, and what an accomplished performance they gave! 

The selfish crocodile with his big, sharp teeth, played superbly by Kore, had scared all of the other animals away by forbidding them to drink from and bathe in 'his' river.   Exhausted from having to travel miles to find water, one day the animals hear a terrible groaning sound in the forest.  On cautious investigation,  they discover that the noise is coming from the mean old crocodile, who has a very nasty toothache.  The brave mice decide to risk life and limb to help the crocodile by entering his big snappy jaw and yanking his rotten tooth out.  This kind act causes the crocodile to soften and he realises that the river should belong to everyone.  The tale has a wonderfully happy ending as the crocodile befriends the other animals, welcomes them to the river and, together, they live happily ever after!  

Looking back at the boys' first day last September, it was evident to see just how much they have grown, not just in stature but in confidence too!  They have had a fantastic, fun-packed year, filled with many achievements and we are super proud of them all. 

Good luck in Year 1, boys!


  • 11 September

    Yesterday's first ever Pre Prep Lego Club was a massive hit! The boys listened to 'Whatever next' by Jill Murphy and then designed rockets for Baby Bear to fly to the moon, complete with a seat for his companion, Owl. Next week the boys will design and construct landmarks.