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Lochinver House

Science Meets Drama

Year 5 discovering the invention of vaccination!


Imagine walking into a Science lesson to discover the boys all dressed up and ready to perform a play!  That is exactly what happened this morning as Year 5 prepared to re-enact the story of how Louis Pasteur developed the vaccine.  

The boys learned that the first large scale vaccinations were carried out against smallpox in 1796 by Dr Edward Jenner.  However, nobody understood how vaccination worked and no other vaccines were made for 84 years.  In 1879, Louis Pasteur was working on this problem.  Through the study of anthrax, he discovered that he could make a weak form of a disease that, when administered to people, would cause them to become immune to the stronger form of the disease.  The first vaccine he gave to a human was the rabies vaccine and he went on to develop cures for anthrax, chicken cholera, and silkworm diseases.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed this alternative approach to the teaching of Science, with a bit of history thrown in for good measure!

  • 11 September

    Yesterday's first ever Pre Prep Lego Club was a massive hit! The boys listened to 'Whatever next' by Jill Murphy and then designed rockets for Baby Bear to fly to the moon, complete with a seat for his companion, Owl. Next week the boys will design and construct landmarks.