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Lochinver House

Charity Basketball Match

Dream Team - vs - Ageing All Stars


One of the highlights of the spring term calendar must be the ever-popular charity basketball match between our U13s, The Lochinver House Dream Team and a staff team captained by Mr Griffin, the Ageing All Stars.  It is fair to say that the average age of the Dream Team does remain pretty much the same age each year whilst the majority of our Ageing All Stars do actually do just that, age!  Thank goodness for this year's wonderful gap students, Zac and Jordan, who brought a touch of youth to the staff team!

The excitement in the Sports Hall was palpable as the match tipped off and the Ageing All Stars got off to a flying start, taking the lead for the first quarter.  However, the Dream Team were having none of that and started to fight back and storm ahead, retaining a comfortable lead throughout the 2nd and 3rd quarters.  At that point, an Ageing All Stars comeback seemed rather a remote possibility but an unexpected and sudden burst of energy, agility, determination and sharp shooting brought them right back into contention to finish with a very respectable 57 ; 57 draw!  Congratulations all round!

Our thanks must go to the boys and staff for such an exciting and good-humoured match and to everyone who came along to support the teams, at the same time raising money for the Head Boys' Charities.

Finally, we are immensely grateful to Mrs Phantis and Mrs Bracken for serving the delicious and much needed refreshments throughout.