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Lochinver House

Superhero Superstars!

It is amazing what you get to do when you are a Superhero for the day!


Reception have really enjoyed an action packed Superhero Day to round off their topics of ‘Superheroes’.

Their fun filled day began with costume admiration and discussing their super powers!  This was followed by ‘What would you do?’ scenario cards and a superhero memory game.

Lots of discussion took place during ‘Logic Alley’, where the boys decided which side of the debate they agreed with.  Members of one side tried to persuade others on the opposing side to join them by giving their reasoning for questions such as, “Would you rather fly or be invisible?”. 

At snack time, the boys learnt about ‘Superfoods’ and how to stay healthy. Yet more activities continued including, a variety of superhero arts and crafts which were offered across both classes.  Comparisons were made between real and fictional superheroes during a patchwork activity, notably Policemen, Firemen and Doctors.

To conclude the day, the boys travelled to Green Meadow.  They learnt about road safety and crossed a zebra crossing mat.  At Green Meadow the boys told a Superhero story through actions, involving flying, jumping and twirling!  We hope everyone enjoyed making their costumes and being a superhero for the day.

Keep being super, Reception!