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Lochinver House

Simon Mole Urban Poet

On Tuesday the 7th of October Year 7 and 8 were visited by Simon Mole, an “Urban Poet Rapper” who taught us all about how to write brilliant poems. 

     Simon Mole started off simply with us discussing and writing down words that we would associate with “good” which we would use later when we wrote our poems. He led fun exercises which would eventually help us with what seemed at the start of the workshop “an impossible task”.

    Simon Mole also performed one of his very own poems, (in my opinion, one of the best poems I have ever heard) which was extremely descriptive, and was quite narrative telling us what happened and setting the scene very well . It was on the Edgware road, a busy road in the North-West of London near The City Westminster with things happening left, right and centre. It tells the story of one of Simon’s best moments, where he was riding his bike and made, what has to be, one of the best High-5s I have ever heard of.

    In the end he asked us to get into groups and decide on something which we all liked (my group choose a bed). He took us through the stages of writing a detailed poem helping us to maximise the quality of our work, by making us write descriptively about the thing we chose. When we had around 10 minutes left he got people from each group to perform our poems, and I have to say they were all brilliant! They ranged from chicken to the salad bar  and the weekend and I can’t believe how much better you can better you can make your poems if you put your mind to it.

Please read Roman and James's poem 'Rugby on  a Sunday Morning'.

by Matthew DeDominicis

  • 17 June

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