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Lochinver House

Treasure Island Triumph!

Year 8 Sail to Success!


Year 8, the Band and Choir took us on an unforgettable voyage on Monday and Tuesday night by performing Treasure Island based on the story by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The action packed story was full of drama, danger and destruction. The pirates certainly impressed the audience with their energy and projection on stage. Long John Silver played by Geoffrey and Jim Hawkins played by Scott wowed everyone with the sheer volume of lines they had been learnt alongside their amazing characterisation and expression, giving convincing performances. The quest to find the long lost treasure was interrupted by Benn Gunn played by  who certainly showed the eccentricity of that character and kept everyone entertained. The powerful trio on the ship, Smollett (Andreas), Trelawney (Toby) and Dr. Livesey (Sam) all desperately tried to keep a sense of control and to defeat the pirates, which proved to be a struggle at times.

Alongside the wonderful acting of so many performers was the fantastic singing of the Choir and the faultless music of the Band, which accompanied the songs throughout.  We must make mention of our very own resident composer, Louis who worked tirelessly to compose the entire programme music for the play which added to the overall magical atmosphere and drama of the piece. Our lighting crew, Joshua and Ben, had the huge responsibility of controlling the new lighting system. Their calmness was apparent in every rehearsal and they achieved outstanding results.

Treasure Island certainly felt like team work. There was an overall feeling that everyone cared and really wanted to make the performance a success. The boys gave their all and totally committed to the project. This production was made up of a company of players where everyone mattered. They took us on an amazing adventure from one Island to the next and brought us home again to much applause.

Well done boy - you all did yourselves proud!